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    At Class

    All dancers should wear comfortable clothes like shorts and t-shirt. Dancers in the Basic class can just wear trainers / socks / ballet slipper. When joining the Beginners class, the appropriate dance shoes will need to be ordered and worn. Girls/women up to 25 years have to wear Poodle Socks in class (and no tights under them!) and need to tie Hair up!

    All dancers MUST wear their dancing shoes in class at all times.

    Please always remember that when you are at class you are there for to learn. Full attention and respect must be paid to the teacher and any mistreating of class mates will absolutely not be tolerated. Everyone is in class to have fun but also to learn.

    It is also very important to come to class regularly or let us know 24 hrs in beforehand by email, resp. at least 5 hrs before your class starts by text message, if you canít make it, because:

  • A class will be cut down to one hour when only 5 dancers show up.
  • If three dancers or less show up, class will be cancelled.
  • Therefore keep in mind to inform us right in time, otherwise there may be dancers who travel to class, only to be told to go home again.

    We will try and inform all dancers in good time, via email & text message, if a class has to be cancelled.

    If your class is cancelled because of not enough dancers, then you are welcome to join another class of your level.

    And please keep an eye on your valuables at all times or just leave them at home! We will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

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