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    The School

    We all know and love those dancers with these tremendous fast stepping legs or flying girls who breach the rules of gravitation, from Show like "Lord of the Dance" or "Riverdance". And it is great fun to learn and try it yourself under professional guidance.


    Our school offers starter classes for young and old where every enthusiast can learn the basic techniques and moves of Irish Dance.

    Founded in 1996 with just a hand full of dancers in Frankfurt/Main by Robert Gabriell (meanwhile Northern Germanys only full qualified CLRG teacher), the school has grown immense and is establish in Hamburg.

    Aim of our school is to enable everyone to learn Irish Dance (as Team and as Solo Dancing) as good as he/she can get. And the love and passion for the dance and the music is given within.

    With much joy our dancers take part in classes from Beginners up to Open level, travel together to international competitions, doing Grade examinations or perform continental wide.

    The focus on improving dancing knowing and knowledge is as important as the friendly atmosphere among our dancers and a great team spirit, which automatically develops throughout our classes and our (not only dancing) activities together.


    These attributes, together with an authentic education, commitment and discipline go beyond and build a basis far beyond the dancing.
    All this and much more, is passed on with great dedication and passion.

    And that's why we say now: do fáilte romhat - a hearty welcome

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