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    learn to dance with the Co - Choreographer of "Magic of the Dance"

    Robert Gabriell

    The Irish - German Robert Gabriell (Homeier) (TCRG/CLRG) started his own education in Irish Dance at the age of 4 in Cork City. Returned to Germany with his German mother, he started to work in 1992 continental wide with such great artist as Bob Bales (Musical Director "Magic of the Dance" and "Equimagic"), Máire Breathnach (Riverdance Orchestra), Geraldine MacGowan (former Oisín), The Sands Family, Crán, Providence, at the Irish Folk Festival, for Guinness und Beamish.

    In 1993 he began to teach independently in Frankfurt / Main and what started with a handful of dancers, turned into one of the big Irish dance schools in Germany.

    His teaching path took him from Frankfurt / Main to Brunswick, where he helped to set up the associations/schools "Rince Samhain" and from there to Hamburg.

    Robert also is a respected Choreographer.
    In 1995 he founded the European wide operating Dance project "Gealach Gorm - The Magic of Irish Dance" and is the director and principal dancer. In 1999 he showed his skills as choreographer of the dance show "Magic of the Dance" and was a valuable part of the creative team during the creation of the dance show, which is still on tour. 2000 - 2001 followed the choreography / starring in Irish dance tale "Fairy Tree - The Show". And from 2002 - 2003 the multinational dance show "El Skadoo".

    Since Roberts official registration as a teacher of An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG) and the full teaching certificate, the students of the "Gabriell School of Traditional Irish Dance" also lifts their laurels at international competition.

    But Roberts heart not only beats for teaching an passing on his dancing skills and the love for Irish Dance, but also in engaging for European understanding. He is giving international workshops and performs European wide as solo dancer or with his dance project. His aim is to promote Irland multi-faceted culture in all aspects and, in association with the nonprofit organization European House of Arts, to bring it to the smallest corner of Europe.

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